Fever The Ghost at Los Angeles’ The Echo 7/15

In terms of influences, the band sounded like David Bowie and The Doors played musical chairs to Tame Impala in Jack White’s backyard, who lives in Alex’s World. Sonically, the performance was impulsive; I couldn’t get a grip on it, I couldn’t hold a thought for more than a minute. The show wasn’t one piece; it was a series of frames that cut through the story with much ease. Ok, enough with the analogies. The truth is I found comfort in Fever The Ghost’s sonic un-structure. I didn’t know where it was going, but it was so appealing that I tucked away my preconceived notions of music and let them lead the way, I knew I would enjoy it nonetheless.

This is what the concert looked like through the reverb

Graphic Artist - Oswaldo Diaz
Graphic Artist – Oswaldo Diaz

Even though the psychedelic rock quartet is fairly new, they performed with maturity, showing much experience on stage and letting the music provide presence for them. Surrounded by pedals and synthesizers, Bobby Victor, followed the guitar riffs while he playfully pranced around the arpeggios. At times, he focused on the pedals to add more space when the music got heavy, and other times he provided dreamy high-pitched vocals that simmered everything down. Casper’s echo driven vocals were shrill and short, and although I couldn’t understand much of what he was saying, its innocence gave the overall crunch a nice balance. The most memorable aspects of the show happened when they jammed. The instruments would slowly get louder and less clear, eventually reaching a sonic climax at which point the guitarist would duck down to stir the pedals, leaving the drummer in sight, drenched in sweat, battling with the snare as the walls of sound tugged against the audience’s body. In the midst of all the noise the music would suddenly stop, letting the bass valiantly provide a catchy groove as the music took a turn. It’s an experience. Go see them.

Fever The Ghost, which is composed of Casper Andrizzo, Bobby Victor, Nicolas Overhauser and Mason Rothschild, will release their debut EP this September. Seriously though, put more than two songs on your Facebook page, America needs more space exploration.

Listen and download the song “rounder” here:


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