Fever The Ghost – Crab in Honey

The Los Angeles’ glam psychedelic rock quartet starts their EP from the right ear and slowly moves to the left as it settles with “Calico,” which fosters the energy for you to move your head back and forth and come up with some interesting finer choreographies. The doubled stereo vocals lead through this groove with some synthesized ambiance as the drums pulsate through the sonic texture.

“A Parliament of Owls Determine the Fates of Greater Men No Less Than 5 Stories Above Us in A Dream” (Woah) leaves you with an internal sense of arpeggiated happiness, by maintaining an uplifting melody all throughout. “Crab in Honey” is definitely the most representative song of the EP. It is the most dynamic song in terms of melody and harmony providing a journey that takes unexpected turns and is full of pleasant surprises. The song has an Ars Nova flare to it without the medieval instruments but with the choral and melodic harmony and sentiment.

“Crab in Honey” painted through the reverb

This is what "Crab in Honey" looks like through the reverb.
This is what “Crab in Honey” looks like through the reverb

The last song, “We’ll Never Know” completes the EP, giving it a wholesome identity. This acoustic ballad, followed by short and impulsive leads, carries through as the falsetto voice slowly sinks into your stomach. With this song FTG shies away from their psychedelic elements and embrace the more dreamy aspects of their music, a more simple yet effective song to adjourn the EP with.

Fever The Ghost will be touring the U.S. this upcoming spring including a show at SXSW. They have more songs than the five they released on their EP and I am sure they will be just as moving. Make sure to check them out if you are at any of those locations to enhance your sense of spatial properties, the performances are just as colorful as the EP.


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